Classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco

“When Barrueco plays, it speaks to the heart”

There are only a few classical guitarists alive whose legacy could be compared to Manuel Barrueco’s work throughout the last decades – if not less. Grammy nominee and Latin Grammy winner, Barrueco is often described by critics as an elegant and superbly talented maestro.

After learning his first lessons at the local conservatory of his hometown Santiago de Cuba, he moved to the United States with his family to become one of the most important musicians of our times and certainly the biggest name alive, concerning to classical guitar, in the Americas.

One newspaper once dedicated this words to him: “The guitar is an instrument that is cradled in the arms next to the heart. When Barrueco plays, it speaks to the heart”.  That might be true.

The New York Times’ critics, Barrueco’s recitals have “a warmth and a singing quality that would undoubtedly have made (Andrés) Segovia smile”. After receiving such compliments, Manuel Barrueco, who confessed many times his admiration towards the Spanish guitarist, might have smiled back to them – as the world smiles to his music.

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